Thursday, 30 May 2013

About my inner journey...

About my inner journey...

"A symphony of colours, spiraling endlessly, forming a web of harmonic structures, floating through the depth of what seemed to be boundless empty space..."

This is the way a 1 year old child who at that time had never been able to perceive the material reality with her physical eyes defined the world around her.
In spite of being blind, she still had the clear concept of colour and form.
Her universe was pure vibration, glowing energy wave-forms emerging from a single sound which linked everything together and was beyond all.
As she grew a bit older, her Spirit decided to allow her to experience a glimpse of the physical world. Only the left eye could catch a little piece of this realm's picture.
The right eye remained completely blind. Still, the image of the more subtle planes persisted, so vividly real in her inner vision.
She was capable of recognizing and knowing one's soul and essence only by hearing/seeing the vibratory field of their voice, which reflects the unique energy blueprint of each person.
One day, it occurred to her to ask her mother what colour the voice of God was.
''God's voice is transparent'', her mother answered, as if inspired by a sudden intuition. The light in these words awakened a strange, yet familiar feeling into the 5 year old child. It was for certain, beyond any doubt, that this was the lost, primordial sound which came from that place of universal love she called Home....
That's how the story of this present self of mine they call Sara began.

At that time, I did not have the understanding and knowledge required to interpret or''translate'' my way of interacting with reality into common language. But over time it dawned upon me that my original, divine purpose for coming here is to remember/discover how to see through the Eye of God, manifest and embody this unified perception into all that I am and do.
I feel and know that the heart has a pure and complete vision of reality.
It perceives the clear radiance of essence expressing itself through all the various levels and forms of existence.
For me, that's what it means to see through the Single Eye of the Divine Presence.

This fact became clear to me when I first came across the sacred teachings brought to the world by Drunvalo Melchizedek, coming from a consciousness of perfect oneness, which has completely transformed my relationship with my own inner universe and the world around me, as I have regained the awareness of the great mystery concealed within the heart of every living being, which is the key to understanding how everything in existence was born into being. When I have reached the subtle truth that the outer world is actually the reflection and the expression of the inner realm of our heart, which is infinite in nature, I learned that everything is possible when the mind abd the heart work in unity and alignment in order to create the reality thatour spirit desires... In this process, when one uses their psychic abilities guided by the ancient wisdom of their heart, what they manifest will always be in harmony with the divine mission and purpose of one's Self.
Unlike the mind, which is polarized and filters everything through its dual perspective, the heart is a unified field, therefore can not create separation or disharmony.
Considering the tremendous uplifting impact these esoteric teachings have had upon my inner and outer reality, it is a great honor for me to share them with all those who are open to receive and integrate this sacred knowledge in their lives.

"Through the Single Eye of your Heart you will see God"    Drunvalo Melkizedek


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  2. Buna, sunt varul Anitei (Georgescu Ana)de la tine din clasa. Te-am vazut la emisiunea lui Oreste Teodorescu si vreau sa te felicit pe aceasta cale. Faci bine ceea ce faci. Nu te lasa influentata de oamenii "rai" care te vor descuraja, fiindca mintea lor ii manipuleaza, iar ei nu isi pot stapani tentatiile nocive manifestate din cauza invidiei. Este o mare realizare ca il cunosti pe Oreste, poate inca nu realizezi, dar este un om extraordinar. Nu-l cunosc, i-am urmarit emisiunile, este ca un fel de mentor virtual pentru mine, insa nu mi-am permis financiar sa vin la dansul la cursuri. Asa ca daca ai aceasta oportunitate profita, succes !

  3. Felicitari pentru ceea ce esti si ceea ce faci pentru noi toti!Iti multumesc!

  4. Buna Sara
    Am ramas impresionat de trezirea ta si iluminarea ta precoce :)
    Si tu esti un suflet foarte batran...
    Cand incepi workshop ul de 4 zile?

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  6. Buna Sara, unde se tine acest workshop?